15 Reasons to try Green Sketching (and 5 reasons not to!)

Green Sketching is a wonderful way to relax, destress and reconnect with nature. It can focus an unfocused mind and help cultivate a more appreciative attitude to the little things in life. It's suitable for most people, though obviously won't appeal to everyone. Here are 15 reasons you might want to give it a try:

1. If you'd love to be able to sketch but are absolutely convinced you aren't 'arty' and can't draw (my favourite kind of Boggy Doodler!) 

2. If you love wildlife, hiking in the hills and actively seek out a good view

3. If you've ever bought a sketchbook, but never used it because you don't want to 'spoil' it

Boggy Doodles landscape sketch

4. If you're an introvert, or have recently been through a difficult time, and crave something quietly restorative

5. If you're looking to instil a love of nature in the next generation

6. If 'how to draw' books get you nowhere and you hate the idea of life-drawing classes

7. If you're fed up with looking at reports and spreadsheets and long to try something outdoorsy and creative

bilberry bumble doodle.jpg

8. If you're looking to inspire your colleagues and invest in their wellbeing

9. If you'd love to go on a sketching course but are put off by the thought of having to share and compare your work with others

10. If you're interested in mindfulness but never find time to sit still and meditate

11. If you're interested in learning how to keep a personal record of all your outdoor adventures, big and small

12. If you tend to notice shapes in the clouds, wrens in the hedges, patterns in the landscape...

13. If you're interested in offering your conference delegates a rewarding and memorable activity

14. If you want to develop a deeply rewarding, lifelong habit 

15. If you're not a proper artist, but just love to doodle... (well, that's my reason!)

berry doodle.jpg

Boggy Doodles probably isn't for you if:

1.  You're a super-confident artist and love to show off your skills and sketches to others  

2.  You want help producing technically accurate, hyper-realistic drawings

3.  You're keen to learn how to replicate my style of sketching and painting (Boggy Doodling is all about embracing your own style of sketching)

4. The risk of a little mud and rain upsets you

5. You're skeptical about the importance of wellbeing, nature and/or research.