Build your confidence with simple doodles

“A few straight lines can become a tree or a building; a circle can turn into a wheel, the sun or a person’s head. The old cliché of a flying seagull is instantly recognisable — everyone can draw that. Inventing your own expressive shorthand can be a very good step towards more sophisticated drawing.”

— John Busby, Drawing Birds

Use simple doodles for super quick landscape sketches

Use simple doodles for super quick landscape sketches

I love this quote from the late John Busby, an inspiring and influential wildlife artist. Developing your own way of doodling landscape features such as trees, rocks, grasses etc makes sketching much more fun and accessible. It's the overall composition of such simple marks that creates an effective and memorable sketch, not the ability to draw each element perfectly.  In fact, shorthand doodles are often the only way to capture a complex scene quickly when you're out and about. So don't be afraid of sketching lollipop trees, little lines of grass and flying 'm' birds; they're a great way to start Boggy Doodling.

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