Green Sketching Manifesto

Green Sketching is a blend of different sketching approaches, including nature journaling, field sketching, botanical drawing, urban sketching and mindful drawing. It’s about sketching to connect with nature, in your own way, for your own wellbeing. It’s not about trying to create breathtaking wildlife art, evocative landscape paintings or exquisite nature journals (there’s unquestionably a time and place for creating beautiful artwork but it’s not the main aim of Green Sketching).

Although I somehow managed to condense my Green Sketching idea into a 15 minute TEDx talk, I’ve realised I also need something shorter to communicate exactly what Green Sketching is (and isn’t). So, inspired by the Urban Sketchers’ manifesto, I’ve drafted one for Green Sketching with the hope that it can help inspire a community of doodlers to see, sketch and take care of our beautiful world.

Let me know what you think!



1. We sketch nature wherever we can

2. Our sketches help us see, enjoy and appreciate nature’s beauty with fresh eyes

3. We sketch in our own way, for our own wellbeing

4. We share our sketches and sketching adventures online (#greensketching) 

5. We celebrate the experience of sketching and how it makes us feel, not the quality of our sketches

6. We inspire and encourage others to put down their phones and pick up a pencil

7. We cherish and protect our beautiful planet

8. We reconnect with nature one doodle at a time 

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