Boggy Doodles was founded in 2016 by Dr Ali Foxon: geographer, artist and lover of ‘boggy’ moorlands. She lives in Bollington, a friendly village on the edge of the beautiful Peak District National Park.  Read Ali’s bio here.

Boggy Doodles has developed a new approach to sketching nature outdoors called Green Sketching. Blending elements of field sketching, nature journaling, mindful drawing and urban sketching, Green Sketching focuses on the process of sketching outdoors, not the end-result.

It’s a wonderfully rewarding way for children and adults to relax, improve their observational skills and engage with nature.


Benefits of Green Sketching


Environmental Engagement

Green Sketching helps people of all ages creatively engage with nature. A simple sketch, however wobbly, always results in people noticing colours, details and delights that they’d otherwise miss. The more delights people see, the more joy they experience, and the more they love and appreciate nature. 

We will not save what we do not love – and we rarely love what we cannot name or do not see.
— Robert MacFarlane

This emotional connection with nature is really important and can be a much more effective way to engage and motivate people to look after nature than facts and figures.

Encouraging others to see the value and beauty of nature and its wildlife may be the most important way to help save it.
— Butterfly Conservation


Green Sketching is a deeply relaxing and restorative way to reconnect with nature, something more and more research confirms is great for our mental health and wellbeing. The action of sketching concentrates and calms a busy, anxious mind, while the fresh air, visual delights and gentle exercise lift spirits even further.

Joy isn’t hard to find at all. In fact it is all around us.
— Ingrid Fetell Lee

Green Sketching is a skill anyone can learn that enriches daily life with a joyful awareness of nature’s colour, patterns, seasonality and beauty. Noticing ‘the little things’ that spark joy is a proven way to boost resilience to life’s inevitable challenges.

All Green Sketching events are friendly, supportive and designed to minimise anxiety.



Green Sketching is a great way for children to discover and learn about the wonders of the natural world.

Bridging the sciences and the arts, Green Sketching enhances observational skills and creativity. It encourages a level of concentration and focus increasingly rare in our digitally distracted lives.

Drawing is a way of learning. Draw anything and you will know it better than before, even if the drawing is not up to much.
— John Busby

Boggy Doodles runs Green Sketching family workshops, birthday parties and After School clubs and courses. Every Green Sketching event is playful, supportive and carefully designed to build confidence (not destroy it!).